Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Seven Bags Full!

Shearing day has finally arrived!
Getting ready for the shearer...I'm sporting my new Australian cowboy hat (early Christmas gift from Jessica). I get water for some very thirsty sheep (for after),
while Greg secures the door between the stalls

The girls are ready..."What's up, Mom?"

Zinnia: before, during, and after

Cocoa: before, during, and after

Zuma: before, during, and after

Daisy: before, during, and after

And, last but not least...Solomon: before, during, and after. The big guy had a lot of burrs in his woool, and he put up the biggest fight of anybody.

Here I am, putting the fresh fleeces into pillow cases.

Is Miss Daisy thinking about coming back in for more? Maybe she's looking for her wool coat! Skipper and Gabby want to know what's going on. There they are...the whole gang.

I must say, the whole experience was everything I'd hoped it would be.


  1. Looks like all went smoothly and that now you will have some great wool to work with during the cold months. I love watching animals great each other after their shearing - they are really puzzled and have to rework their groups with their new bodies.. Thanks for sharing the photos...

  2. They all look great both before and after shearing. Have fun working with all that fleece!