Friday, October 22, 2010

Mail-order Chicks

I had ordered some new baby chicks and planned it so they would arrive in the mail while the grandkids were visiting. I wasn't expecting them until Wednesday, or even Thursday, but the mail lady called Tuesday afternoon and said they were in. She offered to bring them out, but Greg wanted to go into town and get them, so he, James and Lydia went in to pick them up.
While they were gone, Noah and I got their new little home ready for them. We have them in the corner of the kitchen, in a clear plastic box (so the grnadkids can watch them), under the heat lamp.
Isaiah checks out the new arrivals.
Noah, Lydia, and Sophia show off the new babies.

Their are 4 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Barred Plymouth Rocks, and 4 Easter Eggers.
The grandkids have really enjoyed getting to play with the little furr balls. They are SOOO cute. Jessica says she just loves hearing their little "peeps" going on all day!

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