Friday, October 22, 2010

Around and Around and Around We Go

Greg and James (my SIL) worked very hard for the better part of a day putting up a temporary, make-shift round pen for me. It is not the round pen of my dreams, but it is exactly what I wanted until we can build something more permanant. I took Skipper into it and worked with her that very first day, as soon as the gate was on! I am trying to do something with her called "Join-up". It is a technique used by Monty Roberts, AKA "The Horse Whisperer". I have been studying his methods for some time now. The first try (first time for both of us) was not a total disaster, but it was obvious she was a bit confused as to what she was supposed to do. I was a little disappointed that it didn't just happen "like magic"...but he says not to expect much on your first try. So, I will be patient, and continue the process, over and over if need be, until I acheive my goal. She actually didn't do all that bad. She made five nice loops around the round pen. It all went kinda south when I tried to turn her and have her go in the other direction. That's when she got confused. But, we will figure it all out together.

I have read several people's accounts of their first-time Join Up experiences, and it seems Skipper and I actually did quite well. Several people said their horses wouldn't even move away from I guess five trips around the pen is a pretty good start!

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