Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall and Grandkids Come to Cavalli Run

Lydia holding Tommy and Noah at
the bonfire.
Isaiah loves playing in the back of Grandpa's truck.

Sophia and Grandma pick field flowers while Isaiah tries to fill Grandpa's boots.

It has been fabulous here at the ranch. The weather is perfect. The colors are lovely. And now my daughter, Jessica, and her family have come to visit the farm for the first time...all the way from Germany. And what a wonderful time we have been having.
I think we started out the first day by doing almost everything there is to do at the farm: collecting eggs, riding Gabby the donkey, fishing in the lake, picking field flowers, playing with kittens and puppies, and so many things. Every day since has been busy doing much of it over and over again!

Lydia on the bridge

Grandma and Isaiah walking to the pond

The whole first week at the farm was fantastic. The second week we had a little bit of rain, then it was cold and windy, but sunny after that. Everyone had a great time.


  1. I love these pictures...especially the one of you and the little one walking off into the field. Ahhh...such a peacefull feeling.
    The sheep look great too!

  2. Thanks. That photo is my personal favorite, too!