Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

Well,we've weathered our first blizzard on Cavalli Run.
The sheep were oblivious to it. They could have come into the barn if they'd wanted to, but they chose to stay out on the pasture instead. The sheep are those little fur balls eating off of the big things which, even though in a certain light appear to be giant sheep, are actually big, round hay bales.

The dogs are oblivious the weather, as well. All day long they wanted to run in and out, in and out, so they could go out and play in the snow.

The horse, donkey and chickens had the good sense to stay inside for the day!

The blizzard didn't hit us quite as hard as it did down south of us. However, we probably got a foot or so of snow. We didn't lose power, thankfully.

This morning it was very cold (4 degrees, not counting wind chill), but the snow had stopped and we had a beautiful sunrise.

We have some good-sized drifts from all that wind.

Not only did the storm bring in all that snow, it seems to have brought with it a new addition to the farm. We haven't seen this orange cat before! I guess the other cats don't mind sharing their food with this stranger.

Yes, I'd say we weathered our first blizzard quite well.


  1. Neat blog, I may have to learn how to build one.

  2. lol, my dogs love the snow too hehe, i looove that picture of the sunset! its gorgeous! glad u guys didnt get hit too hard and lose power, ive been there done that twice before in oklahoma and ya it was not fun, the 1st time the ppl across the street got power back 2 days before us, i was not happy to say the least.

  3. So glad that you weathered the blizzard. You also had the entertainment of your funny! Can you get your truck out? We scooped for a couple of hours yesterday...didn't make a scratch in it. We called one of our neighbors to come with his big tractor and clean the driveway for us. He is helping others so we will just wait until he gets to us.

  4. Howdy neighbor. Glad to hear you weathered the storm. The hwy is quiet today on 65. The gold cat sure is making herself at home. Nice visiting you.