Thursday, January 20, 2011

Proto-type Saddle Pad

Well, this blog is about the highs AND lows of our life here on the farm. Today was was a "so-so"!
For some time now I have been working on making a saddle blanket/pad for my horse. I saw some felted wool ones in a catalog, and as I have been doing machine felting for some time, I thought, "Why couldn't I make one? I mean, why pay someone else for something you can do for yourself? Right? So, I scrounged up some wool I had left over from another project, and got started. I did end up buying some more yarn (different type and colors, but same weight and ply) in order to finish. I just barely had enough of the left over to make the front (I knew it would have to be doubled as a single layer of the weight of yarn I had would not be thick enough) so what I bought made up the back. I crocheted it as all one piece, and then folded it over and tacked it together.

Here is the peice as crocheted, but not yet trimmed and tacked.

Here is the top after being tacked and trimmed and before felting.

Here is the back before felting.

Okay, it came out just a little bit "wonky", but that is all right. I thought that might happen as the front and back (top and bottom?) were different yarns, and because it was a double layer, I wondered if the two layers would separate a bit. I think it is still going to be usable for me, but I wouldn't try to sell any like this. That's why it's a "proto-type"! I learned a lot from making it, I thought a lot about how I would do things differently next time, and I have some ideas of how I might overcome these issues the next time.

Here's the top after felting. I think some weight and time will help "press" out some of the rumples.

And, here is the bottom side. It's a bit wonkier than the top, but softer.

Of course, I would have loved for it to have come out perfectly, but I am not unhappy with the outcome as it is. I definately think it is worth trying to make one with my Icelandic wool yarn (when I get some spun)...but with my ideas for improving the finished product.


  1. That is really cool!! I think it came out really good!

  2. I think its great!! It really looks cozy actually. I'd take it just like that! Can only imagine if this is the "proto type" then the real deal will be spectacular!!! Good going!!

  3. I think it looks great. With felting, it is never an exact science. Have you tried steaming with a hot iron yet? I used hot steam to shape and mold my felted hats and purses and it always made a big difference. But I really think your blanket is laying well as it is.

  4. thats awesome, i wish i knew how to crochet and all that stuff, soo need to learn!

  5. Wow - the blanket is really beautiful! Good job!

  6. Thanks Lori.
    Jen, you can learn! I'm sure there are people there at the post who could teach you.