Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Two New Ewes

Today Greg drove down to NW Arkansas to pick up two new, hopefully pregnant, ewes. It is always so exciting to get new additions to the farm.

Welcome to your new home, girls.

Checking out the new digs.

It didn't take long to find the sweet feed!

We have so many hopes and dreams for our homestead. Spring is just around the corner, now. Baby lambs will be coming. We're going to order some more laying hens and a couple of roosters, plus get an incubator so we can start hatching out chicks to sell. We'll be doing another shearing. Several friends are planning first-time visits. We've just talked to one of our neigbors and made arrangements for him to cut our hay for us this year. Plus he's agreed for Greg to help him with it, so Greg can learn how to do it, so we can someday do it for ourselves. And, I have my new training halter and my great new boots that are waiting to be broken in as soon as the ground dries up enough to let me get back out into the round pen with Skipper. I hope to be riding her again in no time! I'm also ready to start the next phase of training with the dogs.
There are a couple of other things in the wind, that, if they come to fruition, will just add to our many blessings and the hopes of a bright future here on Cavalli Run. I'm going to keep those close to the vest for now, though! If they come about, I will certainly be filling you all in on them as they happen!


  1. Greg made a fast trip and the new girls are home! So happy that things are going well for you. I think we are getting ready to have some muddy weather...but soon it will be round pen time!

  2. The ewes look awesome. I have two Orpington Roosters it turns out. They are 17 weeks tomorrow. If your interested just email me, I'm not far from you. Otherwise they may become chicken soup in the near future.

  3. Congratulations on your new ewes!! How many do you have now? How many are expecting?

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Marie, I have a ram and 7 ewes now. We are hoping to get at least a dozen lambs. We are also hoping for a ram lamb out of one of the new girls that could mate with our ram's ewe lambs from this year. If not, I may be checking to see if you have one to sell!

  5. Oh, and Nancy, about the Orpingtons...we are looking for Marans. Thanks for the offer, though.

  6. Wow! The ewes are beautiful!!Congratulations to you and Greg! All your plans sound wonderful and very exciting! Will keep them in my prayers. Here's hoping the ground dries up so you can sport those great boots soon!!

  7. Thnks, Sandy. I have been wearing the boots to church some, but I really want to be able to wear them out and about on the farm. Of course, once I start doing that, they won't be fit to wear to church anymore! But that's okay!