Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Current events

Well, it took me awhile to get that last entry posted. I wanted to add a video to it and couldn't figure out where it was! I finally found it, now I can move on!
Last week our youngest son, Joshua, came for a visit with his wife, Monica, and their baby girl Abbygail. Thay also brought the news that they are expecting baby number two in January! With the one that is coming in November (Mitchell and Charlene), this will make grandchild number 13! I expect to hear, before too long, that James and Jessica are expecting as well! Our family just keeps on growing.
Last week we also aquired some new critters on the farm. First, we bought 6 Guinea keets at the local farm store. We had seen them the week before and spent some time considering whether or not to go ahead and get them. The next time we went into town we bought them. Guineas are not the prettiest birds when they are grown, but the keets sure are cute. We bought a little feeder but forgot to get something for water. In searching around the house for something appropriate, I came across some old plastic ice cube trays we weren't using. They were perfect!
The next day, Greg and Josh took a father/son trip up to the big, new Bass Pro Shop in Des Moines, and on the way home, stopped to pick up some year-old Bantam layers just outside of Indianola. He had seen them on Craig's list and called about them. They are the prettiest little birds and lay the cutest little eggs!
Years ago, I had made a little mini egg basket and it is just perfect for those little mini eggs!
It has taken almost a week, but we finally have our first dozen eggs! Omlets for supper!

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