Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catching up: Mr. Brown

Once everything was pretty much set up, we looked around and said "What now?" Well, it's a farm, right? It seemed we needed some animals. I had started taking some riding lessons with a gal our farm's previous owner knew. She had a bunch of cats and said we could have a few. So, we went and picked up two males and two pregnant females. They were all pretty wild, and when we got them home (they were all in a pet taxi together), we took them to the horse barn, set some food out, then opened the door. They scattered to the four corners of the earth! For awhile we had a few cat-sightings, but, eventually, only one male remained...Mr. Brown (formerly known as "Fritz", which we were unaware of at the time). We eventually lured him into the open with some tuna fish, and he finally let us touch him, pet him, then hold him. He would hang out with Greg in his work-shop area and started to leave "gifts" of dead birds, mice, and a mole on the floor of the barn.

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