Thursday, August 19, 2010

I woke up with a bit of a headache this morning. I'm thinking it's from the smokey smell that has permeated my house all night. There were some old rolls of hay out behind the barn that have needed to be gotten rid of (all moldy) and Greg finally got around to getting them burned yesterday.

The heat has backed off somewhat, dipping down to 68 on Tuesday...that was nice. But, it was back up to 90 again yesterday. It was fairly pleasant, though, as the humidity was low. And it cooled off fairly well overnight. I'd have probably slept quite nicely if it hadn't been for the choking smokey smell!

Today we are off to buy a freezer. We have been talking about buying one, and now that the apples are ready to be picked, we have decided to go for it! I told Greg there wasn't any point making applesauce if I had no freezer to keep it in!

That means my craft-closet-cleaning-out is gonna have to wait a little longer! I am really itching to get upstairs and get that all sorted out. I don't know where anything is. I had to teach VBS last week and I had a really tough time finding all my stuff. I still have boxes up there that have not been un-packed, so who knows what treasures I will find!

Yesterday the puppies got their baths and grooming (nail-clipping, ear-cleaning, etc.) They do so well. Milly did jump out of the tub once, but then she stayed in there with no problems after that. I was always so afraid to clip nails with other dogs we've had. I don't know why...but I do Milly and Sheba's and they do great. Another fear conquered!

I caught Zinnia yesterday to check her eyes. Very pale. I am perturbed. We have treated twice for parasites, just a week and a half ago with the powerful, jet-fuel stuff (Cydectin). I'm wondering if there is another reason for the lack of color. I hate to take more pellets to the vet for's not cheap. I also hate to give them more chemicals. I put ACV in their water yesterday and will get the rest of the stuff to make up a natural wormer today. Hopefully that will help. I want to get to the place where we can use the natural stuff all the time, and save the strong stuff for only when it's absolutely necessary.

I think I am finished now, with "catching up", although I may, from time-to-time, paste in some random adventures we have had previously on the farm.

I need to go and get the farrier to come out again. I noticed yesterday that Skipper and Gabby's hooves are looking a bit rough. And Gabby's have little "divots" in the front two hooves. I hope Gideon (Gideon Yoder, the Amishman who takes care of their hooves)can tell me what that is about.

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