Friday, August 6, 2010

Current events: More chickens and a visit to the vet.

Well, Monday was my birthday. Greg took me up to Des Moines and had lunch with his mom. We met her at Prairie Meadows where they had a very nice buffet. After that we stopped at Lowes. Greg bought fencing and I bought hand soap refills! Then on to Indianola to pick up two more Maran hens. We did stop at A&W for rootbeer! I said it was more like it was his birthday than mine...except for the rootbeer!
On our way home we went to look at a little Shetland pony to see if we wanted it for a pasture mate for Skipper. She had been a bit neglected with founder in one hoof. The rest of her hooves didn't look so hot, either. And she kept regurgitating water...the owner said it was pond water. The place had a bad smell, too. Not like a regular farm smell...just really yucky. We decided not to take her. I wanted to rescue her, but just am not ready to handle an animal with a lot of problems right now. I hope someone takes her in.
Yesterday we took the puppies to see the vet down in Trenton. They are finally old enough to have their rabies shots. I feel a lot better about letting them run around the property now that they've had that shot.
I also took some sheep poo along to have him check it for parasites. He said they had a very minor amount. I told him what I was using, but he suggested something else. So, we will be trying a new med. on them. It is a cattle pour-on that they have discovered works well as a sheep drench. I hope they'll take it as well as they did the other stuff.
Tomorrow I am to go to St. Joseph, MO for a weaver's guild meeting. It will be interesting to see what kinds of weaving people do. I am anxious to start learning!

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