Sunday, September 9, 2012

All The Pretty Horses

When it rains, it pours, I guess! We were talking to the new hay guy and telling him we wanted to get some horses. It just happened that his father had some horses he wanted to! So we went and took a look at them and decided to buy three of them. But, we only wanted to bring two of them home to start with. The Sorrel gelding was used to work cattle years ago and the Chestnut mare had been ridden by kids in a round pen but never really trained. The Paint gelding has had just a little bit of work, but it was a long time ago. We decided we needed to wait and see how we did with the two first and see how we get along with them before attempting to tackle the Paint. The hay guy said he would bring them over, so we waited for him to let us know when he would bring them.

Also, my friend Teresa is moving and needed a place for her three horses to stay until she got the fences put up at her new place. She used to live on this farm, so her horses are "at home" here. She was making arrangements to have her three brought over, so we waited for her, also, to let us know when they'd be arriving.

In the meantime, we worked on fixing and strengthening the fences.

Teresa called on Saturday to tell me her horses would be brought over on SUnday. While I was on the phone to her, the hay guy called and said he would be bringing our two over on Sunday as well! Wow! Zero to five horses in one day!

Belle and Two Socks were fascinated by the sheep. It was so comical to watch them. They really startled when they first caught a glimpse of them, and then took off running in the other direction. But, after stopping to look back, and realizing the sheep were not chasing them, they ran back over to have another look. Back and forth they went until they were convinced those funny-looking, furry little cows were not predators!

Belle is more shy than Two Socks. She is a sweet little mare, very calm and easy to work with. She doesn't lead well, though, and that is the first thing I will be working on with her.
Two Socks is a big boy, standing at 16 and a half hands. That is quite large for a Quarterhorse, I am told. He is a beauty, though, and such a gentleman! He is extremely inquisitive and he and Erik have become buddies already. Erik was working on a stall door and Two Socks came over, put his head on Erik's shoulder, and was nudging him for some attention!
They really love the mineral, salt, and sulfur blocks we put in the barn for them. I couldn't believe how much they were licking and munching them!
We have done a little work with them in the round pen. Belle did really well leading in there, but still crowds and over-takes out on open ground. Two Socks does better. I think a couple of weeks of working them in the round pen and we will be ready to start riding.
Stay tuned for further adventures with our wonderful horses!

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