Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting Out With A Bang!

Yesterday we came home from attending church and picking up a few supplies and found that Zuma (named by our granddaughter, Sophia) had given us our first lambs on Cavalli Run. At first Greg saw one lamb, so he came to get me in the house where I was putting stuff away. We headed out to the pasture and, as we got closer, we saw a lamb standing next to her by the hay bale. The closer we got, the more lambs we saw. When we finally reached a spot where we could see on the other side of her, we saw that she had triplets! Three little black lambs!

She still had her afterbirth attatched so we decided to go away and leave her to bond with her babies. We saw that they were all nursing, so we just wanted to give them some time. I brought out a bucket of water with molasses and some eloctrolytes for momma, and she just guzzled it! While she was drinking, I bent down and got a look under the lambs and saw that she had two little ram lambs and one ewe lamb.

As it got closer to evening, we wanted to bring them all up to the barn. We tried luring her with some sweet feed, but she wanted to stick pretty close to that bale. So, we ended up picking up the lambs and carrying them back to the barn. Zuma followed right on my heels. We weighed them and checked them over. They weighed in at 6.6 lbs, 6 lbs even, and the little girl weighed 5.8 lbs. Good weights for triplets!
This morning we went out and tagged their ears first thing. The first one went well, the second one was harder for some reason. I couldn't get the tagger to squeeze together completely, so I switched it to the other ear and got it in there. By then my hands were shaking because I felt so bad! The last one was a little tough, too, but I got it in. Here's a little video where you can see their new jewelry!

I checked bellies tonight and everyone had a full tummy. I have been told that sometimes with triplets one of them may not get enough milk. So far, they seem to be doing just fine, but we will keep our eyes on them.
It has been a very exciting couple of days. I wonder who will be next?


  1. Congratulations, and three! Very sweet lookin babes.

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad momma is taking care of three so well. Are these icelandics or shetlands?

    I had my first lamb of the year last night during a severe storm. I wanted to be out there with her since she was a first time momma, but the storm drove me into the house. She did just fine without me. :) And now we wait for the next ones!

  3. Congratulations!
    That is great Brenda!! They look so healthy and happy. (thanks for the email earlier, I will send one to you in a couple of days.)

  4. Thanks, Ladies.
    Yes, Tammy, they are Icelandics.
    Tammy and Marie, do you know each other? You both live in Kansas and you both have Icelandics and horses. I guess that makes us all neighbors...kinda!

  5. Yes,Marie and I know each other. We met through a mutual horse friend quite a few years ago when my gelding got kicked and she came to look at him for me. She is who introduced me to the Icelandics too.

  6. Brenda-
    So glad you posted photos of your triplets! What beautiful babies! (And mama is a such a fabulous color) And nursing them all-what a good mom. I wish you continued lambing sucess-

    Angie in WA

  7. Congratulations, Brenda! Our first lambs are due any day - hope we start out with a bang, too! Looks like you and Zuma are doing a great job!

    Robin at Morningstar Meadows, CT