Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love Is In The Air!

It is breeding season for the sheep.Solomon has had quite a time of it! He has 5 ewes to take care of. The "love dance" is quite interesting to see! The most hysterical thing is when Solomon curls up his lip as if he has a big smile on his face! We have seen Solomon with Ursula already...she was the first, soon after she arrived on the farm. We have seen him following little Cookie around, too, but not sure if she is ready yet. She is so small, I just have a hard time imagining that she can already be bred...but I'm told she can.
Today Solomon seemed to be VERY interested in Cocoa. This will be her first time to be bred. But, she was having nothing to do with it yet! I tried to get a video of the big guy doing his lip curl...but he wouldn't do it. Of course, I saw him doing it later, out in the far pasture where I couldn't get a shot of him.


  1. I get a kick out of the "love grunt", too! Your sheep are beautiful!


  2. Thanks, Lori. I think they're even prettier when they are in full fleece! My son says he could just line them up side-by-side and sleep on them!

  3. Oh Brenda, Solomon just cracks me up. Reminds me of our Arna. Solomon's horns are gorgeous! I two lambs that I don't know if they are ready yet either. Guess you and I will be waiting come April to see what nature brings!

  4. LOL! Solomon and Cocoa are our friendliest sheep. I hope that means they will make friendly lambs. Greg saw them "together" ysterday, so I guess she finally gave in!
    I just worry that Cookie will get bred late and we'll have a late season lamb out of her. Solomon stays with the ewes all the time as we don't yet have things set up for him to have a separate year!

  5. It will be so fun to see these babies. Solomon is quite a guy!